Shade Card Winding Machine

The Shade Card Winding Machine consists of a set of grips between which the card is held with the help of knurling bolts. There is an arrangement to rotate both grips at a time.Yarn is wind over the Shade Card at equal spacing under a desired tension. The yarns are guided on the shade card with the help of yarn guides, which are moves parallel to the shade card with the help of the worm/worm wheel and cam/follower mechanism. The guide is positively linked to the rotation of the shade card with the help of the worm/worm wheel, shaft and cam/follower mechanism. There are a set of spring loaded adjustable tensioning arrangement provide the desired tension to the yarn. For holding the reels, there is a stand on which the holding pins and guides for yarn etc. are mounted for easy movement of the yarns. The equipment is built on the fabricated base. It is finished in metallic or deco painting and bright chrome / zinc plating to give it a corrosion resistant finish.

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