Tensile Strength Tester

Test to determine the breaking strength and elongation of most textile fabrics. Not recommended for knit fabrics or fabrics with high stretch value. To determine tensile strength of fabric two type of test are done. They are:

  1. Strip Test (British Standard)
  2. Grab Test (US standard)

I. Strip Test (British Standard): 

Fig: Strip test

Sample Preparation: 

  • 5 samples for warp direction
  • 5 samples for weft direction
  • First taken a sample of (60mmx300)mm and then frayed down to (50mmx300)mm

Test Procedure: 

  1. Sample is clamped in the jaws
  2. CRE 500mm per minute loading
  3. Gauge length 200mm

Test Result: 

  • Mean breaking force
  • Mean elongation at break

II. Grab Test (US Style): 

Fig: Grab strength test

Sampling Preparation: 

  • Sample size: 100x1500mm
  • Jaw width – 25mm
  • Gauge length- 75mm

Test Procedure: 

  1. Sample is clamped between the jaw
  2. Speed is adjusted so then the sample is broken in 20±3 seconds.

Test Results: 

  • Mean breaking force.
  • Mean elongation at break.

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